They flow together
As the stream flows… #freeverse

Inner Beauty

Have you known someone who is respected for the inner beauty they behold? Meet a common friend here with such a personality!


I’m stabbed and now, I feel betrayed…


Having witnessed your hostile love, I still can’t determine if you’re an antagonist or a protagonist in my life…

Rock Hearted

We met, had a chat,
and I fell for you with that…

Glistening Twilight

Memories of life giggle like the ebbing tides. It’s the twilight that determines the beauty of their existence… #haiku

This post is written in response to the ‘Thursday #writephoto Photo Prompt’ by Sue Vincent.

Scratches On Face

You’re already seven! … Now that you’re open to the world, you’ve returned with scars…

Scented Intents

Dancing crowds of heather unfurled scented intents, turning definite dreams into…

This post is written in response to the ‘Thursday #writephoto Photo Prompt’ by Sue Vincent.

Murderer Society

Members of our own community are getting killed, for the littlest of mistakes. I believed the previous murders will be the last.

We’ll die a painful death, just like the way you died!

Enduring Friendship

In this metaphorical free verse on friendship, I’ve drawn an analogy of the sky and ocean, to relate with friends who stay strong even with wider differences in aspirations and lifestyle.

Long distance

I believed it when people told me, that long distance relationships work! How could I have been so dumb?


It started bleeding red.
Plate got stained.
It was her blood indeed.


I just realized..

You’ll cost me dearly when you’re gone;
I know the time isn’t so far.

Unrequited Love

She knows it’s ill-mannered to read other’s journal. But still she couldn’t manage to get away after reading the first line accidentally.

Waiting For Love

Can’t wait to get home soon and grab you fresh. She was going insane since she opened the notification.