She was strong when he was.
She was weak when he was.
Locked in a cage by choice,
They found their freedom in captivity.
Their love began with a metaphor...

His killer smile,
Her vulnerable drug!  
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In response to Shweta’s ‘6WSP #82’ – ‘Drug’.

Featured image:
Photo by Andriyko Podilnyk on Unsplash.


I just realized..

You’ll cost me dearly when you’re gone;
I know the time isn’t so far.

I’ve been dependent,
giving you huge space in my life.

My eyes are tired,
having gazed at you throughout.

My arm aches,
having held you for so long.

With you on bed,
I couldn’t rest.

My life feels so empty;
It has none but you.

You are drained;
So am I.

But still, I’m not letting you go.

It’s time to stop.
This isn’t going to happen anymore.

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The Couch Lover

Many people have strange addictions, things that they cannot resist. Mine are two: chocolates and couches. There is nothing as good as the comforting smell of a leather couch and its tender caress when we come back home after an exhausting day. There are numerous occasions in which I fall asleep there and my bed gets angry with me. So I have decided to dedicate this post to my fellow couch lovers.

I find my bored self occasionally going couch surfing (no not in the travelling sense, but surfing the web for couches). I have decided to contribute some of these which I love:

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