Sounds of Silence

They say silence is a source of great strength; so can it be for weakness. There are people around with whom I cannot talk to nor could be silent with. Isn’t that paradoxical? When words are replaced with silence…

Circle of Life

How easier life would’ve been had Nala not entered the forest! Maybe that’s the perfectly right time or the perfectly wrong one.

This is written inspired by Linda’s SoCS prompt.

Kid at heart!

We live in a world where even children are deprived of innocence. As young adults, most want to give the illusion…


To my left is an open window. Caged in, I let…

This post is inspired by Linda’s ‘SoCS’ prompt.

Academic Integrity

This is a response post to the ‘SoCS’ prompt by Linda, sharing thoughts and life experiences on academic integrity.


Depending on what’s stressed, the implications change. The greatest weapon against stress is…

Rising Sun is a Lie

We all get to know the truth as we grow up but still choose to believe the lie…


Have you noticed the tiny dots of light darting about and floating in your vision when looking at a bright blue sky?

Clouded Thoughts

I ran to the moors chasing a rabbit. Thunder distracted me…


Uncertainty is quite common. But, why do we always keep excuses ready to fill the gaps of uncertainty?


Have we been living mask-free all our life, or at least thought of removing all our masks before? Just ponder over it.


We don’t say that the mighty mountains might have looked better had they been…

One-Liner Wednesday #4

Compassionate Revenge – That feeling when you grow manifold…

The post is in response to the ‘One-Liner Wednesday Prompt’ by Linda G. Hill.

Magic Eraser

Would you be willing to erase a certain part of your life – childhood, teens, the period of 20s, or adult stage?

Right Words

Be someone who believes in the efficacy of using the right words, not only with Google…

One-Liner Wednesday #1

Tempo – Anytime is good…

The post is in response to the ‘One-Liner Wednesday Prompt’ by Linda G. Hill.

Invisible Foe

Man’s greatest burden is unfulfilled potential. Don’t feel pressured. Instead, tell yourself, “I need to get through this because I can’t imagine a life without me.”


“When we speak, we are afraid our words will not be heard or welcomed. But when we are silent, we are still afraid. So, it’s better to speak”.
– Audre Lorde