New-Age Oases

We retreat into the new-age oases, the more unliveable our…

This is in response to ‘What Do You See’ writing prompt by Sadje & Sonya’s ‘Three Line Tales’.

Blogging Tips #1

This post details the need and procedure for using ‘Expand to read’ tag.


Have you noticed the tiny dots of light darting about and floating in your vision when looking at a bright blue sky?

An Eagle’s Eye View of EIA 2020

This article presents the summary of the panel discussion recently held on the Environmental Impact Assessment, with respect to the EIA draft proposed by the Indian Government for 2020.

LINK – Solution to Puzzle – SoCS

Thank you all for your patience! In addition to the solution to the puzzle, you can get to know a few facts on the articles related to space and significant space events that are to occur this year.

Boon for Developers – The Blisk Browser

Blisk is an out-of-box browser released in May 2016 that aids web developers. The Blisk browser has inbuilt emulated devices that include a variety of phones and tablets. The user can turn the emulated mode on or off.

Android App for Kids

We were just sure of the plan to design an app for kids that trains them good habits. As far as we’ve known, there were similar apps for toddlers that either depicts good habits either through images or sayings. So, we chose the gaming mode.

Tower Defense

Unity is a gaming engine used for developing 2D and 3D games. Some of the major games developed using unity are temple run, robocraft, world series poker etc.