Animals in Human Voices #8

Thanks, human!

I like your intention (or maybe a sweet little blunder) of planting this sapling in a corner of the pot, leaving enough soil space in the center. Now, that makes for a perfect chill bed for this comfy connoisseur to stretch, curl, and take a nap after lunch.

But, don’t blame me if at all the plant self-destructs itself, wanting to give me all its space out of love. I’m just treating ours as a mutualistic relationship, while fertilizing my plant partner.  Continue reading

Animals in Human Voices #7

You name members of our kind ‘Flash’ and do not hesitate to make fun of our natural speeds.

In this regard, I question you, why don’t you mind your own business at your natural speeds?

Even if you are accelerating, why can’t you be in control? Have you lost your nerve?

I can hear you. I am not as frustrated as this always. But, you humans make me yell. Do you want to know the reason?

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New-Age Oases

The more unliveable our urban centres become, we as tourists retreat into the new-age oases – the sustainable hotels – which are just illusions of naturalness. Even when they have committed to reducing wastes and carbon footprints, how long will we be able to live in this fantasy without having to deal with the repercussions?

Isn’t the hope we’re dreaming of, also a dream?

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In response to Sadje’s ‘What Do You See Prompt #93’ & Sonya’s ‘Three Line Tales #287’. 

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Lone Wolf

When Rune found a friend in me, it was his postures – hunched shoulders, ever lowered head, tucked-in tail, timid and fearful eyes – that portrayed him as an omega wolf yearning for a non-hurting companion.

The scars of terrible abuse could be felt when I patted his back while he sat silently by my side, but that didn’t mean he was loved less by the pack as I’ve witnessed the aggressive ones giving their dear omega a chance to win games at times.

Oddly, today I could feel a deep pain in his eyes that usually held fears and I was assured of my guess when Rune left my side in a direction opposite to that of his usual return, indicating that he has made his mind firm of becoming a lone wolf leaving his natal pack to nourish himself with adequate food and, find or form a new pack for himself beyond his birth territory.

Wolf Pack Mentality:

I loved this wolf in the photo so much that it inspired me to read about the characteristics of wolf packs. Continue reading

Blogging Tips #1

In this post, I’m to share my insights on how to add a tag that states ‘Expand To Read’. A few bloggers had asked me for it, and this is a post detailing the need and procedure for the same.

Details tag:

The details tag is more like an interactive disclosure widget. Any content that the user can open and close on demand can be added to this. When open, it expands and displays the content.

When to use the ‘details’ element?

Details tag in HTML can be used to display

  • answers for Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).
  • repeated stuff, providing the reader a choice to read.
  • spoilers in book or movie reviews.
  • answers for puzzles.
  • disclosures, or
  • any trivial content.
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We’ve all had that childhood sisters/brothers who used to terrify us by saying dreadful stories or something that doesn’t even exist. I must have been in my 1st or 2nd grade when I was introduced to the concept of ‘glassics’. Let me tell you what glassics are.

On a sunny day, when you stand out for a long time, you get to see that arrow/worm-like thing floating in the air, in your field of vision. You might even have experienced it while glancing at similar uniformly bright objects, say, a blank computer screen or even snow.

My then neighbour and senior at school used to spin stories around that, telling me that these are worms flying around in air causing infection to people. The highlight is that I believed all these for a few years until I knew that particles or organisms in the air cannot be seen with naked eyes. Continue reading

LINK – Solution to Puzzle – SoCS

Thank you all for your patience! Those who don’t get a hold, kindly read the previous post for better understanding.

Loge – Iapetus – Narvi – Kari

These are the satellites of the planet Saturn. Had you noticed the word ‘satellite’ that was present in the previous post, the ‘connecting link‘ would have been a cakewalk. The hint wasn’t planned to be placed, but a mere coincidence. The word ‘satellite’ didn’t lead me to my line of thoughts. It was just a traceback.

Why did I choose Saturn?

I tried to frame a meaningful acrostic for LINK but couldn’t come up with any (without much planning; that’s a condition for the SoCS prompt). I started the previous post with technical jargon, which included uplinks and downlinks. That gave me the thought of space, and I got inspiration from a recent news article of planets visible to the naked eye. Continue reading

Boon for Developers – The Blisk Browser

When that comes to browser, we just think it’s something that helps us retrieve information from the web and most often nothing more. But there’s a browser that has been unfolded with a different intention. It’s named Blisk .

Blisk is an out-of-box browser released in May 2016 that aids web developers. Its user interface is similar to that of Google Chrome.

Then, what’s special about it? The Blisk browser has inbuilt emulated devices that include a variety of phones and tablets. The user can turn the emulated mode on or off. When switched on, the developer can preview the developed websites on different devices. Continue reading

Android App for Kids

In this article, I’m just gonna share something we’ve (a team of three) worked for the project in the last three months. It’s just a mobile app. We concluded after brainstorming certain ideas. But the deciding moment was like ‘Oh! We too have brains!’. To be frank, we had no idea on what we were to do and even how to start. We were just sure of the plan to design an app for kids that trains them good habits.

As far as we’ve known, there were similar apps for toddlers that either depicts good habits either through images or sayings. So, we chose the gaming mode.

Firstly, we designed a human model of a kid using the tool MakeHuman. Using this, we just chose a little boy, downloaded dresses and skin tones for him. We, the team, call him little boy. But all other friends of mine just call him ‘Kutti Chaathan’ (meaning ‘Little Devil’ in local language). You’ll better understand why when you have a look at the picture below. Continue reading


SUBMARINE (#BLENDER experience 2.0)

It has been a while since I did my first project on blender. I will be doing a rough model of the Beatles submarine. Unlike my previous posts,I plan on giving comments step by step this time. However you should know the basics of the blender interface and the various views. So, here we go!

The first step is adding the image of the submarine as background.

Screenshot (44).png

This is how the submarine looks. Now, we are going to design it to an awesome 3D model. Continue reading

Tower Defense

UNITY experience

Unity is a gaming engine used for developing 2D and 3D games. Some of the major games developed using unity are temple run, robocraft, world series poker etc. Its main advantage is  its massive cross platform support ( BlackBerry 10, Windows Phone 8, Windows, OS X, Android, iOS, Apple TV, Unity Web Player (including Facebook), PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Wii U, Nintendo 3DS line )and  an easy-access user interface.

The official unity website has various tutorials and a complete online manual for nerds. But before creating  your game ,you must learn some game development basics such as game objects, scenes etc. Continue reading