Long distance

I believed it when
people told me,
long distance relationships work!

How could I have been
so dumb to miss the train,
that’d take me home back to you,
after the last day of research in a village?

I’ve never lived alone without you,
since the day we met.
Maybe, for a day or two!
Definitely, it hasn’t been this long.

I’ve lost my peace of mind,
and even my senses!
It’s getting difficult day by day.

With the entire nation locked,
imagining you by my side,
I’m lost in my own thoughts.
It’s sort of a dream world!

I’m waiting to make you mine,
to grab you tight,
get lost and mesmerize
in your steamy essence and smell!

With thoughts of you
surrendering completely to me,
glancing at your glorious grace,
I swipe through the pictures in my gallery!

Don’t you too miss getting inside me,
my dear ‘Shawarma’?

Image Courtesy: Google Images

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