Academic Integrity

This is a response post to the ‘SoCS’ prompt by Linda, sharing thoughts and life experiences on academic integrity.


Have you noticed the tiny dots of light darting about and floating in your vision when looking at a bright blue sky?


Have we been living mask-free all our life, or at least thought of removing all our masks before? Just ponder over it.

Invisible Foe

Man’s greatest burden is unfulfilled potential. Don’t feel pressured. Instead, tell yourself, “I need to get through this because I can’t imagine a life without me.”


“When we speak, we are afraid our words will not be heard or welcomed. But when we are silent, we are still afraid. So, it’s better to speak”.
– Audre Lorde


When we were focused on developing an ambitious mind, countdown began for the final exams. Library got abandoned all of a sudden, and we were back to textbooks.

We don’t make mistakes, just happy little accidents.
– Bob Ross

Is it okay to be happy during a crisis?

In India, it’s been exactly a month today since the lockdown began. At a time when the entire human family is under a crisis, here are my observations on the lockdown being a welcome development in societal behaviour.

Fervent Face of Passwords

 What comes to our minds when we think of passwords? For most of us it is like “Oh God.. What if someone cracks mine?”. This is because Passwords do more than protect data. They protect dreams, secrets, fears and even clues to troubled pasts, and for some, they serve as an everyday reminder of what matters most.

Transitions – Part of Life Cycle

We’ve been fed right. Yet we decided to go with the flow, experience the flaws ourselves and then get back to what was already right in a slightly morphed way.

What does a comeback feel like?

Comebacks aren’t planned but are made in the moment. It isn’t either win or lose. It’s something that makes one feel complete.

Republic Day 2019

Republic Day is celebrated every year to honour the day on which the Constitution of India came into effect in 1950. But last year, this same day was quite memorable for me as I saw the mesmerizing event in New Delhi, standing there among the crowd amidst cold air and lots of cheerful sounds.


Innocence is such a precious quality that exhibits direct human feelings without any hidden lockers.

Are we really creative?

A VERY HAPPY 2019 TO ALL 🙂 For people who think there’s nothing new to learn in the environment they stay in, just remember there always is something new. It just takes curiosity and some extra..

Climatology For Life*

You might have made a perfect analysis for a plan. But that may end up with unexpected twists. That’s what life is all about. Embrace it..

When You Lose a Person for Lifetime..

The pain of losing a significant person in our life and surviving the loss is an unbearable sensation. The depth of this resentment may prevail from days to years.

Such loss may be due to the changing environs – wherein we shift to new places owing to our job or relationship commitments – or due to a broken bond of friendship, or at the extreme, due to death.

Under Promise – Over Deliver!!

May be you promise something when you are at cloud nine. But it doesn’t end there. Any promise is meant forever. It’s that commitment you hold on to, even long after the mood you were in..

Stepping into Adulthood ¿

Almost most of us would never accept we are turning adults. Is that because adulthood reveals our age? Age is no indication that we are becoming adults.

The Flight Fiasco

As our flight was getting ready for departure, one of the tyres got ruptured and they said that the next flight would be at 10:30 pm on the next day. I was  going crazy. It was 10.30 at night, I’m in a city far away from home.