A short story that pictures two people being haunted in different ways by the same memory…

This is in response to ‘Eugi’s Weekly Prompt’ – Haunting.

Library Love

Untouched books crowded his shelves, shiny leather spines and faded first editions, meticulously dusted and never read…

This is a combined response to the ‘First Line Friday’ and the ‘SoCS’ prompt.

Worn Out

These steps that I considered as nature’s gift to our house, have worn out unable to bear the weights of memories and repetitive…

This post is written in response to the ‘Thursday #writephoto Photo Prompt’ by Sue Vincent.

Shatter and Solace

Day by day, her discomfort was growing bigger and bigger than her comforts. Completely shattered, she decided to step out of her ruts and lookout for a new way to solace her disturbed mind…

Snoopy Scooby

Scooby, as a spy, has been the mastermind to feed his race during difficult times…

This is in response to ‘What Do You See’ prompt by Sadje.

Tossing Fun

Manu gathered little pebbles from the garden, borrowed a pan from his granny, and started his fun tossing adventure.

This is in response to the SoCS prompt by Linda.

Coffee, Tea, Or Me?

Sunny being smart, preferred witty talks rather than steamy kisses.

This is in response to the SoCS prompt by Linda.


This is in response to Sue Vincent’s ‘Thursday #writephoto Photo Prompt’.

But, it was locked. So, it must hold many more spicy secrets, beyond doubt.


Akash and his family decided to have some weekend fun. They were planning to do something that’s open-ended.

Haunting Surprise

This is in response to Sue Vincent’s ‘Thursday #writephoto Photo Prompt’.

She enjoyed the denial, and mentally prepared herself for a big surprise.

A Child’s Cry

She stayed out of the vicious love circle
even when she liked it and wanted to try;
Why so? Because she has witnessed the implications.

Unrequited Love

She knows it’s ill-mannered to read other’s journal. But still she couldn’t manage to get away after reading the first line accidentally.