“I thought you’d leave me, forever”.

As a new norm, they communicate and discuss their deeply troubling issues in the relationship to strengthen the bond. But, this was totally unexpected. It’s not even a thought that has crossed the poor mind or that could even be imagined!

“After a little fight, your figure disappearing at the end of the street still remains inked in my mind. I hadn’t expected you to leave me then, that too locking me in.”

“I don’t even remember the incident. Which day are you talking about? Is it not a usual thing to lock you in when I go out temporarily so as to not disturb your task?”

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When sea misses land…

He laid awake and said the name into the night.

“Do I really miss her?”, asked his mind. He couldn’t deny. Everything in his line of sight reminded him of her today.

The rising moon,
her glowing face!

The gleaming waters,
the expanse of her love!

The rushing waves that have nowhere to go,
her habit of lingering around in his presence! Continue reading

Library Love

Untouched books crowded his shelves, shiny leather spines and faded first editions, meticulously dusted and never read.

He knows he’s in deep trouble now. A few months back, he came across a girl in the library he visits. He stalked her timings for about a week, not with wrong intentions though. With his observations, he started reading books in her often-visited genre. He initiated casual conversations one day and they gradually became friends.

She offered him book suggestions which he really enjoyed. She is someone who just doesn’t focus on the content or is bound to the works of one favourite author. She explored varieties. At times, she used to choose a book, just because the cover is attractive. Continue reading

Worn Out

It’s been fifty years since our first house-warming, and it’s our first visit since the last twenty years.

These steps that I considered as nature’s gift to our house, have worn out unable to bear the weights of memories and repetitive human actions over time.

Photo for the prompt (from scvincent.com)

The flattened knob of the blue main door at the inside, remind my kids’ fast entry into the home from school, hitting it hard on the wall. The cushions on the old bamboo sofa look like flatbread slices filled with dust.

The rug at the entrance, when moved, portrays its duty of Continue reading

Shatter and Solace

It has been seven years. Maaya’s still single, with no family. Day by day, her discomfort was growing bigger and bigger than her comforts, especially after her distant mother’s demise. Completely shattered, she decided to step out of her ruts and lookout for a new way to solace her disturbed mind.

She had her dinner, and then sent an email full of unsaid words that weighed heavy in her heart for a long time. She didn’t dare to check the mailbox again for a reply. The night passed restlessly. But still, she was determined not to turn on her internet till Continue reading

Snoopy Scooby

Scooby has been a great spy for years now. There’s none to beat him in the rat democracy, and today is the day he is to retire.

He was blessed with the lifespan of a human for his kind act as a little rat, and he utilized the boon to its fullest, mostly for the improvement of his species. With his efforts, he transformed the shabby rat communities to clean and respectable societies.

He didn’t want to leave his nation and nationals in trouble after his retirement. With proper pre-planning, he has already completed training the best squad of Continue reading

Tossing Fun

Little Manu lived with his grandma on his vacation. He loved the food she cooks and was fascinated by watching her cook.

Whenever she cooked, he used to accompany her in the kitchen. Watching her simple culinary knacks of blending, chopping, grating, and baking immensely enthralled him.

One day, watching her toss the skillet, he gaped and got curious to try it out. He gathered little pebbles from the garden, borrowed a pan from his granny, and started his fun adventure.

He’d toss and fail. He’d try again only to fail again. After repeated attempts, he somehow wanted to perfect the toss.

But now, he changed his technique as well as the target. He took a pebble in hand, closed an eye, and Continue reading


Anika was on a vacation at her granny Alisa’s place. She doesn’t miss a chance to get there. After all, it’s her dream home, to be precise, a villa, with whatever she could crave for – a huge pool, large reading room with a comfy sofa beside the French window, a beautiful garden full of fruit-bearing trees few yards beyond the window sill, a lawn to walk in the evening; and all these in a harmonious location in the outskirts of the city.

Creating every possible nuisance she could do to make her granny laugh and roaming around for a while, she settled peacefully with a book beyond the pool while Alisa left for an afternoon nap. The book wasn’t interesting enough to hold her already short attention span.

With a decision to dust up her childhood memories, she went in search of the photo albums piled in the storeroom. Accidentally, it was her granny’s diary that she stumbled upon. Who wouldn’t like to read a secret diary? Continue reading

Disparity in Downpour

Zara’s parents were forced to forfeit their house to a mortgagee within months of her birth, after facing huge loss in agriculture. This unprecedented confiscation earned her ‘the unlucky’ tag.

Even a slight drizzle was rare in that town. What could the new-born do to stop an unforeseen deluge?

As a child, all she prayed for was only rain, mild rain, to help her farming family. Little Zara was showered with the gift she prayed for, and a baby brother. Family flourished and so did Zara’s happiness. But, the label still remained. Now, it’s her brother who is ‘the lucky charm’.

With no choice left, Zara continued to Continue reading

Haunting Surprise

Adi planned a surprise for Aditi. It was their first anniversary.

He woke her from sleep in the early morning. Midnight would be the right term to use. He covered her eyes, and started driving to a new place. It was her wish to go to a distant place, with just him.

On the way, Adi played her favourite songs, kept her hooked ranting his childhood tales to distract her thoughts from the surprise.

He explained the beauty of the dawn comparing it with her eyes. Availing the chance, Aditi manipulated him to get her mask removed to witness the beautiful sunrise, still blushing. Her request got rejected. She enjoyed the denial, and mentally prepared herself for a big surprise. Continue reading

A Child’s Cry

There are lots of hidden troubles behind a bitter, at the same time, a beautiful past.

. . .

As a child,

She missed her grandparents,
cousins of her age,
her parents’ birthplace;

She missed sports just because there’s no one to drop her at school early for the practice;
Vacations ended up mostly at office.

No hands to solace at times when she confronts with her parents.

The need to not be heedless; Continue reading

Unrequited Love

Unrequited Love is the best feeling in the world. 

Unlike other bonds, it isn’t shared. It’s mine and mine only.

Mom’s eyes widened on seeing her daughter’s diary.

She knows it’s ill-mannered to read other’s journal. But still she couldn’t manage to get away after reading the first line accidentally.

Thoughts were flying around like butterflies.

She continued.

On my way to work, I get to see you everyday.

It’s heart-melting to see you playing and making fun with your family members.

Everyone’s eyes are stuck on you; not because you are an attention seeker; but because of the love you offer.

There’s an everlasting smile on your lips whenever someone else notices you. Continue reading