Motivation doesn’t exist

There are people actuated by joy.
Few others are impelled by pain.
Discipline can drive; so can fears.

Many of us dream similar dreams.
Few who dream do it whatsoever.
Few others choose to focus elsewhere.
Either way, is it not motivation?
But in reality, how's it gauged?
Often, success and failures quantify zest.

Do they really display one's fervour?
Aren't they imposters of one's impetus?
Whatsoever, victories and defeats are one.

Infact, there isn't any magical boost.
Our needs are the intense propellers.

We either do it or don’t.


Each line in the verse is of 6 words. The quoted statement at the end is in response to ‘The Saturday Six Word Story Prompt’ by Shweta of ‘My Random Ramblings’. The prompt for this week is ‘Motivation’.

37 thoughts on “Motivation doesn’t exist

  1. I’m always trying to motivate myself. When you say our needs, particularly joy and love in my case, are the only real motivation, and they come naturally, I quite agree entirely. It’s like find the love and the joy in doing something, and the motivation will follow naturally.

    Regarding your layout, I’m wondering if your blog theme is causing the problem with the sentences being broken up. I haven’t encountered this problem with the block editor. I do not try anything with the new editor, so maybe that’s why I’m not having problems. But it’s a shame this wonderful post displays so poorly on my phone. There must be a solution.

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    • Indeed, sir. As humans, we are inclined to seeking pleasure. But, it’s also necessary to stay motivated about choosing the right means to meet those needs. Thank you for sharing your thoughts! ☺

      With the block editor, I had used the verse block to type the poem. I guess that’s where the lines are appearing broken. It’s a feature of that particular block to not wrap the text so as to display it in the author’s original format.

      Yeah, even I have a problem reading it on phone. But, it’s smooth when I place the screen in landscape mode. I’d suggest you to try the same. I’m also avoiding the usage of blocks as much as possible.

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