Once you get turned on,
you chase everyone away.

I’m left all alone, just because
you don’t like crowds.

I agree you add to my pleasure.
But still, you have a foul smell. 

More than all, you’re a murderer,
a sadist, and a person of no morals. 

I can’t believe
I’ve fallen for you.

How do you expect me
to live with you after all this?

But when in trouble,
you’ve always been my saviour.

Having witnessed your hostile love,
I still can’t determine your nature.

Who are you?
An antagonist or a protagonist?


All Out!

Source: Google Images

For those who do not know, All Out is the brand name of a mosquito repellent.

Why this post?

Today, 20th August 2020 is World Mosquito Day. It is commemorated annually to recognize Sir Ronald Ross’s discovery of the link between malaria transmission among humans and female mosquitoes in 1897. This day is to create an awareness of the importance of controlling mosquitoes around homes as a means to prevent deadly diseases like malaria, dengue, encephalitis, etc.

65 thoughts on “Hostility

  1. Anisha can write on anything absolutely!

    Looking at the picture you added in the beginning, no one can tell it will end up talking about mosquito 😅
    But then this is the beauty of your work to surprise us in the end..

    I absolutely liked this one. You took the right decision to post it..
    Mosquitoes got lucky with this😂

    Liked by 1 person

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