We’ve all had that childhood sisters/brothers who used to terrify us by saying dreadful stories or something that doesn’t even exist. I must have been in my 1st or 2nd grade when I was introduced to the concept of ‘glassics’. Let me tell you what glassics are.

On a sunny day, when you stand out for a long time, you get to see that arrow/worm-like thing floating in the air, in your field of vision. You might even have experienced it while glancing at similar uniformly bright objects, say, a blank computer screen or even snow.

My then neighbour and senior at school used to spin stories around that, telling me that these are worms flying around in air causing infection to people. The highlight is that I believed all these for a few years until I knew that particles or organisms in the air cannot be seen with naked eyes. Even after this basic enlightenment, I didn’t know what these ‘glassics’ were and eventually forgot about them.

A few years back, I came to know that these so-called ‘glassics’ are nothing but one type of entoptic phenomenon, through a TED video. An entoptic phenomenon is a visual effect that occurs under suitable conditions of light and whose source is within the eye itself.

The tiny dots of light darting about when looking at a bright blue sky is known as the blue field entoptic phenomenon. These bright dots appear to move rapidly along squiggly lines in the visual field.

Source: Google Images

It is caused by white blood cells moving in the capillaries along the retina’s surface. Because the space and the white blood cells are both more transparent to blue light than the red blood cells normally present in capillaries, we see a moving dot of light wherever this happens, following the paths of our capillaries and moving in time with our pulse. Under ideal viewing conditions, we might even see a dark tail following the dot. The tail is the red blood cells that have bunched up behind the leukocyte (WBC).

While all of us experience these sorts of visual effects, the number and type vary greatly. Most often, it appears only when it is focussed upon and disappears when we ignore it. However, in case you see abnormally large or so frequent particles that block or interfere with your vision, it may be a warning sign to a medical condition and it may require a diagnosis.

57 thoughts on “Floaters

      • aathmana02 says:

        🤣they were hilarious stories,… one was that, it was a power given to me exclusively.. y’know, I was one among the Avengers, (like that girl with mind reading power), I thought those things helped me scan evil men… and then I would inform captain America .. I was their spycam. 😂
        I used to squint my eyes, and look like a robot… in my mind there is this dialogue box
        but when I was really young, my grandmother used to scare me with that so that I could eat.. she used to say… that will increase if you don’t eat… and then slowly you will not able to see anything, not even your favourite crayons or dolls.

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        • 😂 My God! Avengers and spy cam… That’s something beyond what I had expected.

          Your grandma has threatened you quite a lot to make you eat. 😄 I guess most of your childhood revolves around her. I remember reading about her on your blog.


          • Yeah?!😅😂 I have a lot of CrAzYyyyyyy stories in hand.. I will surely comment them, when suitable posts come up in your blog!😃
            Yeah she is amazing!
            I believe mine will be the last generation to taste what I have tasted…such unique lovely lifestyle
            She is super freaky but lovely too
            I really miss her pickles that she make during summers
            And that stick she carries to beat anyone who tries to pluck her flowers (from a plant which she dedicated to Krishna)
            This may sound absurd but believe me … This is the best life!!
            I miss her payasam (I don’t know what you guys say for that dessert.. kheer?)

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