Akash and his family decided to have some weekend fun. They were planning to do something that’s open-ended.

A Quadruple Celebration

‘Crazy Nerds’ has received 6 nominations for 4 different awards from 4 bloggers. This post has responses for 3 nominations from Phoenix, 2 from Era, and 1 from Nabeeha Jameel. A big thank you to all! It’s a gleeful moment to cherish.

Kennedy Award of Excellence

‘Crazy Nerds’ is nominated by ‘The bibliophile writer’ for the Kennedy Award of Excellence. Thank you, Arshnoor. The objectives of this award are that the chosen blog, through its writing, presentation and objectives, fosters human values; promoting intellectual, emotional and moral growth of peers.

Enduring Friendship

In this metaphorical free verse on friendship, I’ve drawn an analogy of the sky and ocean, to relate with friends who stay strong even with wider differences in aspirations and lifestyle.

Anj0_0’s Paintings #1

Oil painting is a new hobby I have picked up. I just wanted to post some of my works here.

Sila Nerangalil Sila Manithargal

Can you even imagine a relationship between a victim and her rapist? That’s what is portrayed in the novel, and the beauty of it is, you won’t be able to complain.

Sunshine Blogger Award #3

‘Crazy Nerds’ has been nominated by Penable for the Sunshine Blogger Award, the third time. Thank you, Phoenix.

Long distance

I believed it when people told me, that long distance relationships work! How could I have been so dumb?

Forever – Six Word Story #5

The six-word story prompt for this week is ‘Forever’. There are few kinds of ‘forever’ that end. This is one such story.


“When we speak, we are afraid our words will not be heard or welcomed. But when we are silent, we are still afraid. So, it’s better to speak”.
– Audre Lorde

Haunting Surprise

This is in response to Sue Vincent’s ‘Thursday #writephoto Photo Prompt’.

She enjoyed the denial, and mentally prepared herself for a big surprise.


It started bleeding red.
Plate got stained.
It was her blood indeed.


When we were focused on developing an ambitious mind, countdown began for the final exams. Library got abandoned all of a sudden, and we were back to textbooks.

We don’t make mistakes, just happy little accidents.
– Bob Ross