Utmost Feelings – Anthology

I’m ecstatically happy to share with you the news that an anthology that I’m a part of, “Utmost Feelings” with the theme ‘Love’, has been released.

One-liner Wednesday #20

Can ‘now’ always be the appropriate time when it’s already late? Here’s a one-liner that states my notion on the very thought…

Winds of Love

A set of gogyohka and a tanka sketch the differing effects the winds of love might inflict upon one’s fate.

This is in response to ‘Colleen’s Tanka Tuesday’ (Theme – Harvest Moon).

Touch Wood

She is that touch wood amidst the decaying logs, making space for me to not seek more but…

This is in response to ‘What Do You See’ writing prompt by Sadje.

Sounds of Silence

They say silence is a source of great strength; so can it be for weakness. There are people around with whom I cannot talk to nor could be silent with. Isn’t that paradoxical? When words are replaced with silence…

The Turns

These tiny tales are written in response to the ‘Twenty-Words Tuesday Prompt’ – turn – by Bulbul.

Sleep Utopia

As a lonesome point lost in this vast universe, I wish I could dive into my chaos energetically…

This one-liner is written using the literary device Polysyndeton in response to ‘What Do You See’ writing prompt by Sadje & Reena’s ‘Xploration Challenge’.

Splendour Streaks

The tanka pictures the scene of a meteor shower. It can also be conceived as an expression of love…

This is in response to ‘Colleen’s Tanka Tuesday’.


They flow together
As the stream flows… #freeverse

Dreams Take Flight

Poetic form – Naani; Theme – Time.

When your eyelids refuse to open, which dreams will you let take flight – the dreams of the night or those of the day?

This is in response to ‘August Scavenger Hunt’ and ‘Colleen’s Tanka Tuesday’.

Circle of Life

How easier life would’ve been had Nala not entered the forest! Maybe that’s the perfectly right time or the perfectly wrong one.

This is written inspired by Linda’s SoCS prompt.

New-Age Oases

We retreat into the new-age oases, the more unliveable our…

This is in response to ‘What Do You See’ writing prompt by Sadje & Sonya’s ‘Three Line Tales’.

Make a Wish

This is written in response to the ‘Twenty-Words Tuesday Prompt’ – Wish – by Bulbul.

Kill the Honour

Is it not time we kill those man-made social constructs in which humans still hide their inexistent honour? Emphasizing this thought, this free verse is written with six words in each line…

Pursuit of Heartbreak

Clinging on the rope of hope, creeping through subdued shadows, I’m in pursuit of an intentional heartbreak…

This is in response to ‘Xploration Challenge’ writing prompt by Reena.

Feather Cloud

A haiku that pictures a rainbow-like feather cloud…

This is in response to ‘Caley’s Weekly #Writephoto Prompt’.

Color Burst

A haiku that pictures the color burst in a blooming flower…

This is in response to ‘Eugi’s Weekly Prompt’ – Petals.

Magic Lantern

Make an expedition with these fluorescent flickers…
This tanka is in response to ‘Colleen’s Tanka Tuesday’.

International Tiger Day 2021

July 29th is marked as the International Tiger Day. This year’s theme states, “Their survival is in our hands”. Get to know what can be done as a common citizen to conserve tigers, and enjoy a video clipping.