A Child’s Cry

There are lots of hidden troubles behind a bitter, at the same time, a beautiful past. . . . As a child, She missed her grandparents, cousins of her age, her parents’ birthplace; She missed sports just because there’s no one to drop her at school early for the practice; Vacations ended up mostly at…

3.2.1 Quote Me! – Truth

In this post, I’m featuring a challenge I was tagged to. Thank you Mabel for giving this opportunity. I accept your challenge. Mabel has put on show wonderful photographs entwined with nature all over her blog. To have a look at Mabel’s blog (Present Tense in Europe), do follow this link. Rules of the “3.2.1…

Birds in Human Voices #4

I’m grateful that you’ve put my egg safely back into the nest, when I was busy searching for food. I gotta be more careful of my neighboring foes. I owe you a present. I leave one of my feathers. Please keep it as a token of love. P.S.: This is the egg  of a blue flinch….

Questioning Yourself ­­¿

Are you questioning yourself? On thoughts of execution, future plans or morality? That’s fine. Being insightful and reviewing yourself is welcome. On your capabilities? Never do that. There is MAGIC in asking ourselves the right questions. That opens many new dimensions and unexplored paths in front of us. Finding comfort or instilling more doubts –…

Unrequited Love

Unrequited Love is the best feeling in the world.  Unlike other bonds, it isn’t shared. It’s mine and mine only. Mom’s eyes widened on seeing her daughter’s diary. She knows it’s ill-mannered to read other’s journal. But still she couldn’t manage to get away after reading the first line accidentally. Thoughts were flying around like…

Stones on the Path

Sure, everyone gets motivated at success. But, very few get motivated at failures. Be among those few who can see through life beyond failures. We never know what big treasure is yet to come. Also, as Dr. Kalam said, failure stories teach more than the success stories. So, let yourself move forward without getting stagnant…

Animals in Human Voices #3

Stupid people have labelled me unlucky. That’s why I’m running out without catching anyone’s attention. Still you are here to disturb my peace, shooting a photo from my behind. — Running cat

To All Indian Adults

Guess What? This post is about the upcoming Lok Sabha elections that are to be held from 11th April 2019 to 19th May in 7 phases across India. In short, it is the biggest democratic exercise across the world; more or less, a festival. As we all know, voting is a Constitutional right granted to…

Birds in Human Voices #3

Find me if you can. I’m getting skilled in camouflaging To escape caging. – Hidden parrot

Pick Your Pain

“We must all suffer from one of two pains – the pain of discipline or the pain of regret. The difference is, discipline weighs ounces while regret weighs tons.” – Jim Rohn Life always offers choices after it throws opportunities at our faces, and leaves to us to make the decision. We can spend our time…

Cake – Tuesday Photo Challenge

We don’t tend to forget the first. This is one such sponge cake 🍰 . This is a pic of the first ever cake I’ve baked on my dad’s birthday last year. My sincere apologies to all those whose appetite is kindled at this odd hour. This is a response post to Tuesday Photo Challenge prompt…

Do We Enjoy Sadness?

Days are gone when people had smiling faces wherever we turn. Don’t we smile anymore? We do. But is it always real, or the smile is a mask that hides our sorrows to the outer world? For most people, it is a mask. Sadness has become an overwhelming emotion at present times. We read sad…

Animals in Human Voices #2

What gives you immense pleasure in destroying my home? Don’t be extremely addicted to your taste buds. You’ll feel the pain when someone’s crave costs your home. It won’t take me long to get you hospitalized by injecting my sting. But I have more mercy than you. – Honey Bees


Being on Time It’s not about you waiting and wasting your time for someone. It’s about you valuing other’s time as much as yours. Timeliness – sign of respect. Punctuality – measures one’s self-worth.  

Black Mystery

This is a response post to this week’s expression challenge by iScriblr. The topic given is ‘Mystery’, and what strikes me on spotting this is ‘Black’. ——– BLACK MYSTERY ——– The black clouds make the blue sky even more beautiful. There are crowds of people who love ‘black’ breezy nights than days with bright sunshine. Black…

Birds in Human Voices #2

Thank you for the swing. It’s my favourite plaything. It’s fun to peck and throw out the plant there, you know?

Waiting For Love

She was living in a world of fantasy, forgetting the real world around her. ‘ It’s hard to let go of your essence. You are walking through my mind even at my workplace. Can’t wait to get home soon and grab you fresh.’ She was going insane since she opened the notification.

WH Trails

Why me? How about? What if? Where to? When? With whom? What strikes first to your mind when you read the above random questions? May be a sequence of events or random happenings you are expecting/have experienced already. For few, you could’ve imagined things that are to make you happy soon or you are at…

Find the Hidden Why

Are your days getting dragged like anything? Can’t get a hold on anything to keep moving with what you’re doing? Simple Solution: The Will is hidden in the Why. Start reasoning yourself. Dispel all fears keeping the big picture or the D-day in mind. You’ll be more focused. Cheers to all those silent strugglers!