Sensing the sounds of her unborn child, instead of joy, eeriness filled her room; because she knows her unborn will always remain an unborn.

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Inspired by Sammi’s ‘Weekend Writing Prompt #210’. 

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Photo by Raman Oza from Pixabay.

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Baby’s Cry

I cry as they make me lie in the same spot where ants visit. That goes unnoticed, and my ignorant mom forcefully makes me drink tonic for stomach ache.

Dad and mom don’t stop their silly fights. My tender eardrums are tearing. I wish I can call out granny to save. The least I can do to bring attention is cry.

Elders yell for stupid reasons, and when I do the same to calm them down, I’m tagged a devil! 😈

I laugh at my mom’s funny hairstyle. She thinks it’s the food that I like and feeds me more!  Continue reading