Pursuit of Heartbreak

It’s easy to pop a balloon, but not break the brick wall. My heart is now a conglomeration of bricks. With time, it got stronger and stronger and is getting more harder to break. But, I keep trying clinging on the rope of hope, creeping through subdued shadows, to break it someday.

Yeah, you heard it right. I am in pursuit of an intentional heartbreak. How will it open until it is not broken? Only when it breaks and aches, I believe there’ll be ways that let in rays for an alternative exploration.

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This is a free verse, each line framed with six words, comparing balloons with human lives. A six-word story is quoted at the end.

We are balloons filled with emotions, 
Attached to strings yet flying freely!

Unable to hold on, we lift. 
Hoping to let go, we fly.
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