The Turns

These tiny tales are written in response to the ‘Twenty-Words Tuesday Prompt’ – turn – by Bulbul.

Kill the Honour

Is it not time we kill those man-made social constructs in which humans still hide their inexistent honour? Emphasizing this thought, this free verse is written with six words in each line…


Locked in a cage by choice,
They found their freedom in…

Bird in hand

Should I cage myself with you? Or set you free? Is it not risky both ways?…

This is inspired by ‘What Do You See’ writing prompt by Sadje.

Time Video

This is written in response to the ‘Weekly Haiku Poetry Prompt’ by Ronovan, for the prompt words – clip and wings.

One-Liner Wednesday #11

Inside Out…

The post is in response to the ‘One-Liner Wednesday Prompt’ by Linda G. Hill.


This is a poem in response to the ‘Thursday Poetry Competition’ by ‘Penable’. The topic is isolation, about finding calm in the chaos.