Support Stake

Can’t claim to know those eyes
but I feel, their warm glimpse.
Can’t imagine the unseen face
but with it, I share a smile.

In this fleeting world
I struggle, to balance the float.
With a kind radiance
someone presents, a string of support.

They say some are for you
while some are not.
If family is a supportive group
can strangers be family too?

Have your dreams ever been supported by a person you’ve hardly spoken to or met? If yes, I bet that must have felt great. This free verse is a little tribute to such angels in the dark.


In response to  Sadje’s ‘What Do You See Prompt #127’. 

The Flight Fiasco

It’s been way too long since our last blog post. I’ve been a little busy with college. A lot has happened last month. Remember the horrible video I posted? I actually got selected. So, I traveled to Bangalore to the Google office there. I was really nervous about going alone by flight. So, I arrived at the airport, went through the security checks and was waiting patiently at the gate pretending like it was my thousandth flight. I happened to meet another single passenger. She was in her mid sixties, used a wheelchair and is very very talkative. By the time my flight left I knew about her entire family and had taught her what WhatsApp is.

As our flight was getting ready for departure, one of the tyres got ruptured and Continue reading