Forest Romance

Getting lost in the infinite connections with tiredness of a feeling that’s both joyful and heavy is scary to imagine. Knitted in mystery that offers me no directions, I manage to get lost in your world even if far. It feels good when, after astray, I see rays of light where I could find you waiting at a home that I feel mine.

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Inspired by Sonya’s ‘Three Line Tales #285’.

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Photo by grace wang on Unsplash.

Midnight Graffiti

Midnight Graffiti - tanka

hypnotic beauty
feeds my hunger in dark dome
one cold winter night
pulling me to a new world
immersed in her wilderness

This tanka is written from the perspective of an adventurer experiencing Northern lights for the first time. The verse uses this elusive journey as a metaphor for fondness or passion in love.

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Inspired by Colleen’s ‘Tanka Tuesday #227’. 

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Photo by Jonatan Pie on Unsplash.

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Monolith’s Mind

Hey visitor!

Let me clear my own mystery, sharing my story with you.

I was once a giant guard designed to fly. While I rested, the enemy of my territory casted a freeze curse immobilizing our complete clan. As days passed, the frozen mankind, all their materialistic lifestyle and even the cursed enemy passed away.

But, I stay grounded with no escapade even in this open desert. Then on, I remain seated decoding the meaning of mankind for centuries and centuries.

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Black Mystery

This is a response post to this week’s expression challenge by iScriblr. The topic given is ‘Mystery’, and what strikes me on spotting this is ‘Black’.


The black clouds make the blue sky even more beautiful.

There are crowds of people who love ‘black’ breezy nights than days with bright sunshine.

Black is more than just a color

For those who see through it, Black is class; Black is power.
For those who don’t, it is inauspicious and a symbol of fear.

Such people relate anything and everything unexplored to black – say, black holes or haunted homes. Why? Maybe because it stands out of what’s visible to our eyes. Continue reading