herald sends love notes

enamored of collisions

ocean kisses land

This haiku has a pivot element (linguistic device – Apo-Koinou), meaning the first two lines can be read together as well as the last two.

Credits & Footnote

Inspired by Ronovan’s Haiku Prompt Words – Note and Send.

Featured Image:
Photo by Leio McLaren on Unsplash.

Leading Lines

— Lawn Landscape —

colorful mixed hedges
lavish linear lawn landscape
hillside home garden

— Sunset Potpourri —

serene sunset scene
rich potpourri of twilight trajectory
opacarophile photographs

— Wet-Dry Divide —

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This is a free verse, each line framed with six words, comparing water with the life of anyone who is in trouble. Based on the mind’s perception, the hope for reality might evaporate or offer a solution. A six-word story is quoted at the end.

Amorphous, but still assigned a colour.
She closed the doors of perception.
Things known transformed into things unknown.
She got lost in the waves.
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