Circle of Life

The word “wee”, the prompt for SoCS this week, led me straight to a YouTube video. “The lion sleeps tonight” is my go-to song whenever I have a bad mood. Having watched both versions of “The Lion King” movie, this is one of my two favorite parts of the remake. Weembaway (YouTube link to the song sequence; embed available at the bottom) – at least that’s how I pronounce it – is always joyful to listen to as well watch.

The last time I watched this song, it gave me quite different vibes than the usual. Maybe, what I saw was influenced by my state of mind.

When the ambiance around is good, so many friends stay around the singing Pumba and Timon to enjoy the music. But when in danger, only Timon stays. Even if he can’t help Pumba, he’s the one who encourages him to run for life – “Run, Pumba, Run!”, “I’m coming, Pumba. Hang in there”, he keeps calling as he himself is running. Also, Pumba doesn’t fail to warn his friend even when he’s in a trap – “Run for your life”, he shouts and only then starts his run. Maybe moral support is what we all need in life!

Nala interrupts the best scene in the woods. Life is always such, pulls a brake when everything is so smooth and happy. How easier life would’ve been had Nala not entered the forest! Maybe that’s the perfectly right time or the perfectly wrong one. Who knows?

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Anniversary – Random Thought

Today is India’s 74th independence day. It was the headline of the newspapers and a thought crossed my mind on reading it. It’s the 73rd independence anniversary.

Likewise, when we congratulate someone annually for a celebration, we usually address it an anniversary – job achievements, house purchases, wedding anniversaries, or any ‘firsts’ that we’d like to remember. Continue reading

Gift a Book

Hey everyone!

It’s an announcement regarding a reading initiative by a friend of mine.

Gift a Book is a two-way facilitation platform in which a willing book donor can surprise a school-going kid by gifting a book. Both the donors and kids interested in receiving a book can register themselves on the website, which is to be launched on 15th August 2020 at 05:00 pm IST.

Invite for 'Gift a Book' Launch event

Invite for ‘Gift a Book’ Launch event

Here’s the Zoom Meeting link for the launch event to be held tomorrow – Give A Book’ Initiative Launch.
Meeting ID: 915 4639 5522
Passcode: 6Fv6uR
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Spot – Puzzle – SoCS

Here is a rebus puzzle with a hint to decipher its meaning. A rebus puzzle is usually a picture illustrating letters, words, or symbols arranged in a certain way. It is more like encoding of a phrase or saying.

The puzzle above decodes to a simple phrase and is of ‘easy’ difficulty level. As a hint, it is something that is charged to the defaulter on having caught red-handed for a misdoing.

You can leave your guesses or the firm answer in the comment section. (Answer revealed in comment section)  Continue reading

Link – Puzzle – SoCS

The concepts that struck my mind on reading the prompt word ‘link‘ are all related to computers – the linked list, one of the basic data structures; anchor tag, the tag in HTML to add hyperlinks; and finally, uplinks and downlinks, that are related to mobile communication and satellites.

But, I didn’t get a way to proceed with my thought. And so, I’m proceeding this no-editing prompt with a new concept, a puzzle.


The four words specified above, that sound like an acrostic, are actually linked to each other. Find the connecting link. Also, there is a hint right within this post to answer the puzzle. Continue reading

Song Lyrics – #SoCS

This week’s #SoCS prompt is to find a picture and then perform a task.

  1. Find a picture, the closest one to you.
  2. The prompt is the title and/or lyrics of the first song that comes to mind when you look at the picture.

This was quite an interesting prompt. Instead of choosing a picture that’s close to my heart, I chose the one that was physically near me. I was charging my camera beside my PC. The first picture that appeared in it was that of my laptop, which I shared in yesterday’s post.

On looking at the picture, the first song that crossed my mind is “Oh Maria” from a Tamil movie “Kaadhalar Dhinam” (translated to Valentine’s day).

The song was quite special during the days of its release, because of the contemporary historical and economic reasons. Internet services were available in India since 1986. But then, they were restricted to educational and research communities. Only since 15th August 1995, the 49th Independence day of the nation, the internet was launched for public usage. Continue reading

Happy 2020 🎉

I wish all members of this blogging community and everyone else who reads this, a very happy 2020!

We did not come to fear the future.

We came here to shape it.

Barack Obama

There’s a glorious decade waiting ahead for us. Shape all its days, the way you like. Cherish the journey.

New Dreams,
New Days &
New Ways!!


Love for Minions

There are lots that make people like me feel crazy, when it comes to Minions. Minions are the funniest animated creatures I admire. Though they look strange with one or two eyes in a yellow cylindrical body, they express a lot of significant life lessons. So, obviously appearances are deceptive. Here’s a train of thoughts that convey my love for Minions.

Pull your friends also in trouble if you are wrong or get caught.


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The Couch Lover

Many people have strange addictions, things that they cannot resist. Mine are two: chocolates and couches. There is nothing as good as the comforting smell of a leather couch and its tender caress when we come back home after an exhausting day. There are numerous occasions in which I fall asleep there and my bed gets angry with me. So I have decided to dedicate this post to my fellow couch lovers.

I find my bored self occasionally going couch surfing (no not in the travelling sense, but surfing the web for couches). I have decided to contribute some of these which I love:

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One and Infinity

Based on the TED talk by Devdutt Pattanaik

Recently I looked at my syllabus for this semester and saw some words which haunts almost all aspiring engineers :

  • Course objectives
  • Program Objectives

These words represent our traditional mode of education where everything has a grade and a deadline. But, there are people who do not like to have time frames, who like to do things at their own pace. This TED talk was in a way inspiring, it explains why some people struggle with this system. To convey it in a gist, the western education system we follow is based on their belief that you only live once, they have rules and principles for everything. But, our culture has a belief of infinitism with births and rebirths. We don’t do deadlines, we like to bend these principles. If you are one of those people who thinks that you don’t fit into an organization or hierarchy, this is the talk for you..

What happens when the LION Roars THRICE?.. Any Guess ??

TOM & JERRY begins..

          The immortal media characters, not only of the 90’s kids but people belonging to all age groups, are Tom & Jerry. Tom is a grey and white domestic shorthair cat. Jerry is a small brown house mouse who always lives in close proximity to him. Tom and Jerry is an animated series of short films that was initiated in 1940. It then became the highest-grossing animated short film series of that time, overtaking LooneyTunes. This honour obviously goes to William Hanna & Joseph Barbara, its creators. Aren’t you astonished to know that Tom & Jerry were not named so in the initial releases ? Then, what were they called ?

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