Circle of Life

How easier life would’ve been had Nala not entered the forest! Maybe that’s the perfectly right time or the perfectly wrong one.

This is written inspired by Linda’s SoCS prompt.

Gift a Book

Gift a Book is a two-way facilitation platform in which a willing book donor can surprise a school-going kid by gifting a book…

Spot – Puzzle – SoCS

The puzzle in the post decodes to a simple phrase…

This is in response to the SoCS prompt by Linda.

Link – Puzzle – SoCS

The four words specified are actually linked to each other. Find the connecting link. Also, there is a hint right within this post to answer the puzzle. 

This is in response to the SoCS prompt by Linda.

Song Lyrics – #SoCS

The song was quite special during the days of its release, because of the contemporary historical and economic reasons…

This is in response to the SoCS prompt by Linda.


The way you handle secrets show a lot about your personality. But the thing is only you can judge your truthfulness.
“To keep your own secrets is wisdom; but to expect others to keep it is folly.”- William Scott Downey

Love for Minions

There are lots that make people like me feel crazy, when it comes to Minions. Minions are the funniest animated creatures I admire. Though they look strange with one or two eyes in a yellow cylindrical body, they express a lot of significant life lessons. So, obviously appearances are deceptive.

The Couch Lover

Many people have strange addictions, things that they cannot resist. Mine are two: chocolates and couches. There is nothing as good as the comforting smell of a leather couch and its tender caress when we come back home after an exhausting day.

One and Infinity

This is based on a TED talk about that supports people who do not like to have time frames, who like to do things at their own pace, with respect to the traditional mode of educational system. It explains why some people struggle with this system.