The water falls
With the fallen leaves
Which make no sound
As the season spells fall.

They flow together
As the stream flows
To sink in the bed of beauty 
Steered by the scream of streams.

As autumn (season of fall) arrives in one’s life, at times, they (leaves) surrender to the closest cascade (waterfall) silently with no choice, even after which the unfulfilled memories follow the time’s (stream’s) flow to the bed (death) at the end of one’s beautiful life that would have been lived with the desired content and joy (screams).

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Featured Image:
Photo from Simon Berger on Unsplash.

A Run Alone

Why do I have to run with people always?

Today, I choose to run alone in a beautiful place, to clear my head.

I now feel that I’ve got the right mindset to get into the season, just like this field that’s been tilled at the right time before the sowing starts.

Inspired by Sonya’s ‘Three Line Tales #276.

Image by Jonathan Leppan on Unsplash.