Murderer Society

Yeah, true!
It isn’t any dream.

Members of our own community
are getting killed,
for the littlest of mistakes.

I believed
the previous murders
would be the last.

I didn’t even wave
your friends on the opposite,
a goodbye the other day.

When I returned,
they weren’t alive,
to return their smiles.

I thought,
the tragedy ended there.
But, it didn’t.

Today, we lost you too!

You grew up with me,
with the same care and love
from my parents.

You sang joyfully
and even danced along
with the touch of cold breeze.

It hurts to see
the triplets as twins.
They are gloomy without you.

You spread love to all;
shared your home with many.
You embraced this menial community.

I agree.
You were naughty.
You’ve made mistakes.

You have damaged
the neighbour’s compound wall and
my home’s water tank underground.

You’ve also thrown seeds
forcefully on passerby’s heads,
including mine, mostly for fun.

Society should’ve weighed
your goods and bads,
for providing a fair judgement.

But, people these days,
respect money, and
not pure souls like yours.

For the materialistic damages
you’ve caused, they’ve dared to
make you breathe your last!

I’m ashamed to live
in a society that kills
and escapes courts!

I see you often, even now,
in my nightmares,
cursing us terribly.

I’m afraid, more than ever,
that what we’ve done
will certainly pingback.

As in your curse,
there may come a time,
at least after years.

In our death bed,
you’ll come before our eyes
to return your deadliest revenge!

With difficulty breathing,
we’ll die a painful death,
just like the way you died!

For more clarity, have a look at the following pictures.

friends on the opposite

The friends on the opposite were the two trees on the right. They aren’t completely covered in this picture. Unfortunately, they were cut off by a neighbour when we weren’t at home.





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