Unrequited Love

Unrequited Love is the best feeling in the world. 

Unlike other bonds, it isn’t shared. It’s mine and mine only.

Mom’s eyes widened on seeing her daughter’s diary.

She knows it’s ill-mannered to read other’s journal. But still she couldn’t manage to get away after reading the first line accidentally.

Thoughts were flying around like butterflies.

She continued.

On my way to work, I get to see you everyday.

It’s heart-melting to see you playing and making fun with your family members.

Everyone’s eyes are stuck on you; not because you are an attention seeker; but because of the love you offer.

There’s an everlasting smile on your lips whenever someone else notices you.

I yearn to see your smiling face. But you just stare when we cross paths. Yours becomes an expressionless face.

Is that because you’ve read my mind and the feelings in it for you? Do you want to keep yourself at a safe distance from me always?

Whatever it maybe, I’ll always Love you Bruce.

My mom will never accept you. She doesn’t like this love of mine.

Though I can’t have you, I wish I get someone like you.

It ended there.

Oh.. must be a foreigner then? The name sounds different.

Is that why she didn’t discuss anything with me when I had asked about love?

She finds something pinned on flipping through the pages randomly. It is a photograph.

My Bruce 💗

She recalls her daughter’s pester to buy her a pet dog; vows to get a pup as a birthday gift.

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