Sleep Utopia

As each day ends, I wish I could dive into my chaos energetically rather than drowning pathetically and then watch the movement of water that overpowers me transferring a portion of its energy as our sweet little deal followed by taking a stand against the welcoming winds under the bed of stars preferably boarding over a gently swaying boat that sails over an ambient oceanscape as a lonesome point that is lost in this vast universe born only to find all beauty in the vanishing ripples that reflect the milky white planetoid pumpkin which has mood swings that do not match with mine and afterwards slowly slip into the arms of sleep right in the shimmering open arbour that remains unbarred while listening to the magical stories of umpteen galaxies that hang over and the mellifluous voice of surrounding waves that kiss me good night one by one until that philander with bright dancing rays barges in on my pleasant utopian or sometimes wild dreams forcing me to open my eyes after bulldozing all fantasies written and directed by Nox.

Word Count: 180
Sentence: 1

The writing above is an example of the usage of the literary device ‘Polysyndeton’. Nox is the Roman goddess of the night.

➟ Polysyndeton

The word is derived from Ancient Greek language, poly meaning ‘many’ and syndeton ‘bound together with’.

Polysyndeton is a literary device that uses multiple repetitions of the same conjunction (and, but, if, etc), most commonly the word “and”, esp. where some might be omitted, as in he ran and jumped and laughed for joy. This makes for a more rhythmic feel to the piece. The technique is frequently used without the use of commas, which would be the normal practice in any other sentence.

In simple words, Polysyndeton is the art of creating complex sentences, by using conjunctions instead of commas.

Credits & Footnote

In response to Reena’s ‘Xploration Challenge #194’ & Sadje’s ‘What Do You See Prompt #95’. 

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Photo by Brad Pearson on Unsplash.

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