Sleep Utopia

As a lonesome point lost in this vast universe, I wish I could dive into my chaos energetically…

This one-liner is written using the literary device Polysyndeton in response to ‘What Do You See’ writing prompt by Sadje & Reena’s ‘Xploration Challenge’.

Magic Lantern

Make an expedition with these fluorescent flickers…
This tanka is in response to ‘Colleen’s Tanka Tuesday’.

Nocturnal Love

tenderness unfurls in the exotic garden of night…

This is in response to ‘Eugi’s Weekly Prompt’ – Magic.

Monolith’s Mind

Let me clear my own mystery, sharing my story with you. – Sphinx

Flying Fantasy – TLT #2

The post is in response to Sonya’s ‘Three Line Tales’.

Jon often saw himself flying in the air over familiar places and wondered if he was supposed to be a fantasy flying creature!