Kid at heart!

Has innocence lost its meaning at present times? We live in a world where even children are deprived of innocence. As young adults, most want to give the illusion that they are older than they actually are. Doesn’t this thought make one consciously lose a valuable virtue?

Facing the fact, it’s really hard to keep the inner child alive as we grow. But, is it not mostly because we want to look mature in the eyes of society? Let’s try recalling an incident when one of our peers would have behaved with innocence, maybe jump in the stairs or walk like a toddler used to. We’d have certainly heard voices about he/she acting weird, naive, or behaving so to grab attention. Why can’t it be considered simply as an act of joy and enjoyment?

A friend of mine shared an experience of running over a flyover just like a child. That made me ponder over the thought if we are too old to not possess the qualities of innocence. The conversation also made me appreciate one’s quality of appreciating the littlest things in life.

A realization dawned that innocence doesn’t fade with age, but peeps out less frequently than it used to when we were a kid. You can find innocence with someone who is honest, who never stops dreaming, takes risks for the same, and can forgive quickly. If you are one or you’ve seen someone who lives in the moment with these qualities above, they are still truly a kid at heart. They may grow over time in knowledge and wisdom but still be tender as a child. Appreciate their presence in your lives!

Try seeing the world through the perspectives of a child. Start your week with a smile of innocence!


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Photo by Anna Kolosyuk on Unsplash.

35 thoughts on “Kid at heart!

  1. This post is comforting. I don’t understand why those who enjoy being playful and innocent, have to be pressured into acting more mature. It’s so much easier to gather happiness from the simple things, when viewing the world from a childlike lens. It is also a great stress relief to relax and act playful. 🙂

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    • I totally agree with your thoughts, and I’m glad you could relate with mine. True that natural childlike behaviors act as stress busters. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Have a great day ahead! 🙂

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