Here’s a tanka written with 3 different conceptions – the biological process of pearl formation, a motivational stimulus and a euphemism with a…

This is in response to ‘Colleen’s Tanka Tuesday’.

Kid at heart!

We live in a world where even children are deprived of innocence. As young adults, most want to give the illusion…

Trapped at a Viewpoint

Watching all my cues and bridges burn, the hues of my world turned greyscale…

This is in response to ‘Eugi’s Weekly Prompt’.

Rising Sun is a Lie

We all get to know the truth as we grow up but still choose to believe the lie…

Clouded Thoughts

I ran to the moors chasing a rabbit. Thunder distracted me…


Uncertainty is quite common. But, why do we always keep excuses ready to fill the gaps of uncertainty?


Have we been living mask-free all our life, or at least thought of removing all our masks before? Just ponder over it.


We don’t say that the mighty mountains might have looked better had they been…

Magic Eraser

Would you be willing to erase a certain part of your life – childhood, teens, the period of 20s, or adult stage?

Right Words

Be someone who believes in the efficacy of using the right words, not only with Google…

Break The Monotony

Our mind has a tendency to form our everyday habits into patterns. We sink in this monotony. Here are few ways of changing one’s inner narrative, from unsupportive to supportive self-talk.


Everything that happens once can never happen again. But everything that happens twice will surely happen a third time.

React or Respond?

Being born, being in love and then dying.. These are just 10% of the important moments in our life. The rest are just reactions to these moments.

Questioning Yourself ­­¿

Are you questioning yourself?
On thoughts of execution, future plans or morality? That’s fine. Being insightful and reviewing yourself is welcome.
On your capabilities?

WH Trails

Why me?
How about?
What if?
Where to?
With whom?

What strikes first to your mind when you read the above random questions?