Her Nest!

A flash of numerous pictures sequenced. Memories flooded together with sudden twitches. Burdening past, haunting bruises, and overpowering sorrow!

She built a nest inside her. Adorning it with all her jewels, overcoming the restless urges that brought forth the broken episodes of her life, she somehow got past her past. Her fresh scars faded, but still, the trauma returns as a guest to her beautiful nest.

The lost ones aren’t really lost!

Memories keep returning as pleasures, experiences or traumas.

(The basket in the picture implies the clutches of life and the choiceless kitten that stays inside unable to jump over.)

Credits & Footnote

Inspired by Shweta’s ‘6WSP #79’ – ‘Past’.

Featured image:
Photo by Vadim B from Pexels.

22 thoughts on “Her Nest!

  1. Oh, this is so beautifully written, Anisha. Memories always come uninvited. Sometimes they are welcome, sometimes they are far from that. I love how you meant the basket to symbolise the clutches of life and the choiceless kitten inside, trapped and unable to jump. Beautifully written

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  2. Anisha, The best way I have found to get something out of my mind is to replace it with something else. For example, an annoying song that repeats and repeats in my mind can be replaced by singing or listening to another song I enjoy. Bad memories getting you down…think of some pleasant memories, or make some beautiful new ones. A very relatable post! Love the photo of the kitten! ❤ All the best!

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    • That’s a very good technique to divert from bad memories, Mam. Thank you for sharing. 🤗

      I’m glad you enjoyed and related to the post. The kitten’s picture was taken from Pexels, and yeah, it’s so cute. Have a wonderful week ahead!

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