Kid at heart!

Has innocence lost its meaning at present times? We live in a world where even children are deprived of innocence. As young adults, most want to give the illusion that they are older than they actually are. Doesn’t this thought make one consciously lose a valuable virtue?

Facing the fact, it’s really hard to keep the inner child alive as we grow. But, is it not mostly because we want to look mature in the eyes of society? Let’s try recalling an incident when one of our peers would have behaved with innocence, maybe jump in the stairs or walk like a toddler used to. We’d have certainly heard voices about he/she acting weird, naive, or behaving so to grab attention. Why can’t it be considered simply as an act of joy and enjoyment?

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‘10 of My Favourite Feelings’ Tag

Crazy Nerds has been nominated for ‘10 of my favourite feelings’ tag, by 3 bloggers – Curious Mind, Shweta and Simon. Thank you all!

About this tag

The tag has its origin from Xandria’s blog. In her own words,

“I think if there’s one thing that this quarantine has taught me it’s that I’ve become so much more appreciative of the simple things in life. I came across a couple YouTube videos called ‘My Favourite Feelings’ and I absolutely loved it.”

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‘The Small Joys’ Tag

Phoenix, big thanks to you for tagging me to ‘The Small Joys’ tag. She’s an author, also helping out aspiring writers through her writing clubs. Do check out her blog.

Rules for this tag are simple.

  • Thank the blogger who tagged you.
  • List 15 of your Small Joys. (They can be as weird, random, and silly as you want to make them.)
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My 15 Small Joys:

➟ Watching squirrels eat, esp. walnuts. They are very tactful. They climb the tree, come back with a nut, sit in a comfortable position, bang it hard on the wall repeatedly until the shell breaks, and finally taste the nuts inside. Hardworking naughty species!

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