Kid at heart!

Has innocence lost its meaning at present times? We live in a world where even children are deprived of innocence. As young adults, most want to give the illusion that they are older than they actually are. Doesn’t this thought make one consciously lose a valuable virtue?

Facing the fact, it’s really hard to keep the inner child alive as we grow. But, is it not mostly because we want to look mature in the eyes of society? Let’s try recalling an incident when one of our peers would have behaved with innocence, maybe jump in the stairs or walk like a toddler used to. We’d have certainly heard voices about he/she acting weird, naive, or behaving so to grab attention. Why can’t it be considered simply as an act of joy and enjoyment?

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Children are the permanent markers of the term ‘innocence’.

Recently, I met my niece who is to turn 2 in a month. She was terrified at the sight of a helmet when her friend (another kid in the neighborhood) placed it over my niece’s head. She started crying vehemently. Only God knows what in a helmet was so terrific. To pacify her, I took her to a walk. But that didn’t stop her.

The scene went on like this:

Me: D… look at me.

D: <turns around>

Me: D.. don’t cry. Give me a smile.

D: <She returns a long smile.>

I thought the scene stopped there actually. But that didn’t.

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