Children are the permanent markers of the term ‘innocence’.

Recently, I met my niece who is to turn 2 in a month. She was terrified at the sight of a helmet when her friend (another kid in the neighborhood) placed it over my niece’s head. She started crying vehemently. Only God knows what in a helmet was so terrific. To pacify her, I took her to a walk. But that didn’t stop her.

The scene went on like this:

Me: D… look at me.

D: <turns around>

Me: D.. don’t cry. Give me a smile.

D: <She returns a long smile.>

I thought the scene stopped there actually. But that didn’t.

She went on to cry after giving that cute smile I had asked for. I didn’t know how to react – to laugh or admire the innocence of the child. That’s when I realized she cried on purpose – she was really shocked at the sight of a helmet. Finally, I comforted her by showing a candy.

This innocence has no price. As kids grow up, it seems they have lost some charm when this innocence fades away and vanishes subsequently.

Innocence is one such precious quality that exhibits direct human feelings without any hidden lockers.

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