It is better to offer no excuse than a bad one.
– George Washington

Why do we make an excuse? Is that really bad?

Most often, it is. Every failure, every lost opportunity, brings in a growth retardant – self-doubt. When self-doubt enters our life, esp. when so much seems at stake, we start making excuses for two reasons:

➟ First, excuses make it easier to live with our failed expectations.

➟ Second, if we fail in a new trial, we already have a reason in hand.

The most common excuse which we come up with is the lack of time. We miss opportunities not because of lacking time but by misperceiving time. To support our arguments, the handiest tools are the modals of lost opportunity. If you’re wondering what they are, here’s the list – should have, would have, could have. It’s time to get in a pact with ‘time’ that no time is just right to eliminate these modals from our dictionary and find the opposites of such excuses that keep us stuck without any progress.

Uncertainty is quite common. But still, commit yourself towards your desired goal or the long-postponed activity you have in mind and, gradually freed yourself from the chain of excuses and self-doubts.

Nothing is more expensive than a missed oppurtunity.
– H. Jackson Brown

Trust the proactive process and start building excuse-free habits!


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