It is better to offer no excuse than a bad one.
– George Washington

Why do we make an excuse? Is that really bad?

Most often, it is. Every failure, every lost opportunity, brings in a growth retardant – self-doubt. When self-doubt enters our life, esp. when so much seems at stake, we start making excuses for two reasons:

➟ First, excuses make it easier to live with our failed expectations.

➟ Second, if we fail in a new trial, we already have a reason in hand.

The most common excuse which we come up with is the lack of time. We miss opportunities not because of lacking time but by misperceiving time. To support our arguments, the handiest tools are Continue reading


The view is always better from distance. When you get closer, you don’t get the perfect looks. You get to see the flaws. More of them, actually!

So are our relationships. It always appears pleasant from a distance. Only when you commit, you feel the real vibe. You might find pleasure, reflections, and even stuff you don’t like.

As a generic instance, let us consider the marvels of nature.

We don’t say that the mighty mountains might have looked better had they been steeper. We don’t judge the Continue reading

Turning Point in 20s when you Understand what Life is

Trying to become independent is a serious controversial issue of almost every youth. This is the stage when I’m about to step out of the college life into the real world. And, in fact, many of my friends are leaving before me.

When we had a funny chat recently, the topic our convo ended up was ‘Life’. The questions included were…

  • Will we ever meet again?
  • Can we manage stuff all alone?
  • Can we face the world ?
  • Will we satisfy the expectations that people look at us with?

A lot more can be added to this list.

Even I was confused when this happened. But something has to make the life move on, right? Continue reading