Money – Six Word Stories #14

Here are my six-word stories on ‘money’ – a few collective stories, and a few individual ones.

——– Terminology ——–

Money’s just another socially developed concept.

The most common medium of exchange!

Cryptocurrency… digital commodity used as cash.

——– Pandemic & Digital Life ——–

Pandemic’s yet another trouble… Coin shortage! 

Change shortage is changing economy’s dynamics.

It’s the age of cashless transfers.

Digital transactions have made life safer.

——– Economy ——–

Demand determines the value of money.

Value of currency is always relative!

——– Balance ——–

Tossing a coin still determines luck.

Coins are two-sided; so is life.

——– Savings ——–

Penny saved is a penny earned.

Spend coins as you spend time.

——– Treasures ——–

Richness is not defined by money.

His family is her biggest treasure.

Earn things that money can buy.

Commit with things money can’t buy.

——– Financial Independence ——–

She desired investing her first salary.

The first profit of her venture!

She bought gifts to her parents.

Her little investment returned priceless smiles.

They say money can’t buy happiness.

Implication… money alone can’t buy happiness!

Price and value don’t always equate.

——– Philately ——–

Currency was her plaything in childhood.

Coin collection is now her hobby.

——– Computing ——–

Image Source: Google Images

QuantPy… Python framework for quantitative finance!

Python’s ARCH models support financial decision-making.

——– Affirmations ——–

He who craves money attracts it!

He believes strongly in money affirmations.

——– Financial Education ——–

‘Chutti Crorepati’ Club provided financial education.

We slashed share-markets using virtual money.

School helped us upskill entrepreneurial capabilities.

Earning cultivates a sense of responsibility.

Lessons learned… Team Management, Money Management.

(Follow these links to read about the entrepreneurship effort and financial education during my school days.)

——– Individual Stories ——–

Monetising your hobby is a skill.

Millionaire… a better manager than earner!

Fairy-tale treasure… Buried pot of coins!

She fears encountering a money heist.

Image Source: Google Images

Minting techniques have evolved over generations.

Money laundering poses national security threats.

Image Source: Pinterest

Money’s a safety need: Maslow’s hierarchy

Ever missed something for ‘No Change’?


This is in response to ‘The Saturday Six Word Story Prompt’ by Shweta of ‘My Random Ramblings’. The prompt for this week is ‘Money’.

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To know more about the prompt, go through the guidelines and the prompts & round-up posts, on her blog.

21 thoughts on “Money – Six Word Stories #14

  1. Wonderful takes Anisha!! These were my FAVOURITES♥️♥️♥️
    Money’s just another socially developed concept.
    Tossing a coin still determines luck.
    Coins are two-sided; so is life.
    Earn things that money can buy.
    Commit with things money can’t buy.

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