First Leg – Entrepreneurship

Our first effort is always worthy for almost everyone of us. As Mandela quoted,

It always seems impossible until its done !

         One such was the effort towards Entrepreneurship at the age of 16. The mightiest Experience then! We were at the 11th grade and the people at our school started speaking about the words student community hates.. Responsibility, Team Effort, Handling Money! Who’d like to mess up fully when we are not even aware of what we’re gonna do?

Phase 1:

         Glowing Diya, our startup enterprise. We formed our team and began to work on Oct 15th 2011, commemorated as Student’s day. We initially had an investment of ₹10,000 from 900+ stakeholders. Though we were out of focus, there was an urge to succeed from within. Our first product, Lamps (diyas) reached great heights of sales. Obviously, it was the season of Karthigai, light festival of South India, but it was the not the only reason. The quality of the product, their designs are trivial factors that added to the value.

Phase 2:

         End of first product! Time to adapt to the season. We shifted to Paper Ornaments (bracelets and studs). Ours was a girls’ school and needless to say, the sales reached its height! Alongside, we also exhibited our cookery talents (healthy fast food, say something like American corn recipes) at our school events. This went on till February of 2012, the month before our exams. Time to close and we were heavy hearted knowing our turn ended there, with ₹35,000 at hands.

         It all just started with a blind faith.. A milestone for the year with just a child’s first step. We didn’t fail & that’s what people call ‘The SPIRIT’. We ended up with an overall profit of 250%.. WOW na? A very fruitful try.. Believe in you & The world is yours !

To just explore more on Glowing Diya, do visit

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