Masks have become a nuisance in the present times, even if they are meant to protect us. We are waiting to get rid of those and breathe freely.

But, have we been living mask-free all our life, or at least thought of removing all our masks before? Just ponder over it.

Have you ever faked yourself? Don’t get me wrong but all of us have, at times.

On a lighter note, I wonder if anyone hasn’t faked studying at some point. That awesome memory of giving a stern look to anyone – teachers, friends, parents, or siblings – who disturbs your open-eyed dreams while sitting in front of an open book. In this scenario, we have worn a mask, faking study. But, that’s not the only case.

Recently, I published a post on emoji. Are emoji truly liberating, and reveal our emotions? Most probably, it’s a no. There have been times when we’ve been very upset but still managed to send a thumbs up or a smiling face, consciously. When we don’t dare to express our true self, for any reason, it is a mask indeed.

At times, we wear masks willingly for the fear of saying NO to employers, colleagues, family, and friends. Masks are dangerous, most of the times. “I’m fine”, “I can manage without help,” are all masks.

Over time, masks are becoming our identity, making us forget our real selves.

Man is least himself when he talks in his own person. Give him a mask, and he will tell you the truth.

– Oscar Wilde

Let me cite a few more instances where people wear masks. 

➟ There are times when we pretend like we’ve no feelings – no fear or no anger – or like we have feelings towards everything that’s happening around us.

➟ Under-performing to earn pity or over-doing things to prove ourselves to others is also a mask.

➟ Being an optimist always is also a mask. Yeah, it’s good to look at the brighter side. But it’s equally important to know what’s in the dark, the worst possibilities and fears. A man who doesn’t accept his flaws is someone who wears a mask of bravery. It’s better to be a pessimistic optimistic and not blindly follow the light.

➟ Undermining physical appearances, deemed to be fit always (even with illness, without any space to be flexible), “I can’t cry or achieve less to prove my self-worth and confidence” are few other types of masks.

Is it really necessary to get rid of our masks?

Aren’t these normal behavioural patterns of humans? Am I over-exaggerating? Maybe or may not be.

Imagine living with physical masks, the air filters, every minute all your life. It’s difficult even to perceive. So is the condition with our masks of personality.

We shouldn’t wear fake masks in the name of controlling our emotions. It is very much essential to get rid of those. None of us were born with a mask. Hence, it’s also possible to remove them from our life again.

How does that benefit?

Potential revelation

Losing one’s mask shows our true potential. We might have worn masks and tried to match or replicate an inspiration. Now that we’re free, we’ll be unique and that’s a great feeling.

It heals helps understand reality.

Without masks, we expose our vulnerabilities and let the world explore them. To not fall apart, we start working towards them, a process of acceptance and self-improvement, which was once ignored and carved out of our personality.

When we accept it is okay to be not okay or perfect, we understand our flaws. We know the people who stand by us even with lots of weaknesses, and will get to know those who can be trusted.

It is relaxing.

It is absolutely a relief to show your true colours. You don’t need any efforts to please people and need not get exhausted on living an inauthentic life.

But, how do we do that?

I’ve never known the reason why they celebrate Halloween. I read it recently, and it was quite amusing and perfectly suitable for this topic of discussion. The philosophy is to face and embrace one’s inner demons. If we stop and listen carefully, we’ll hear the sound of laughter and joy from each individual and feel the warmth of love from behind the fearful masks.

Let’s consider today as Halloween. Introspect a little. Analyze if the personalities of what people think you are and who you actually match.

If there’s a match, you have an amazing personality. Keep going your way! You’re someone who is true to the following quote.

I would rather be hated for who I am than loved for whom I’m not.

– Wayne Dyer

If the results of the analysis don’t coincide in most matters, you’re certainly wearing a lot of masks, and it’s inevitable to remove them. Make plans and remove them one by one over time.

To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.

– Ralph Waldo Emerson

Let’s shed the physical masks when appropriate. Till then, let’s take off the masks of our personality, approach people with a pure heart, with the truth of whom we actually are.


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