Unwelcomed Guests

Unwelcome guests - fiction - sammi weekend writing prompt

When Dory’s family planned to buy saplings for their garden, Dory’s immediate suggestions were two fruit-bearing plants – mango tree and pomegranates.

She planted and nurtured them with care, waited for years until they grew enough to give her fruits. She got excited when they started blooming and many little fruits emerged from buds. 

But, when they ripened, she didn’t get any to eat. There were unwelcomed guests in groups, whom she loved otherwise.

Dory didn’t even get a chance to show her cute angry face to them – squirrels, birds, and bats.

This is in response to the ‘Weekend Writing Prompt’ by Sammi Cox. The word prompt for this week is ‘Unwelcome’, and the challenge is to limit a piece of prose or poem to exactly 91 words.

Weekend Writing Prompt - Unwelcome - crazienerds

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