One-Liner Wednesday #3

Potato’s Plead

Will you let me enjoy my final moments by releasing me from this suffocation of your air-tight pack and my neighbour’s stink, if I tell you I’m that odd one in the group who’s too sweet and is special enough to make a puppy face?

1 Liner Wednesday - Potato

Photo for the prompt (from

Credits & Footnote

This is in response to the ‘One-Liner Wednesday Prompt’ by Linda G. HillThe challenge is to write a motivational or funny one-liner inspired by the given picture.

27 thoughts on “One-Liner Wednesday #3

    • Thanks a lot for your kind consideration. I’m happy that you’ve found my blog worthy for this nomination.

      But, I won’t be able to take this forward, Aditi. I just recently announced on the blog to take up only those awards that are new to this blog, as writing response posts are taking a toll on my schedule. I hope you understand. I truly appreciate your gesture! 🙂

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      • Hey, I totally understand your issue and it’s absolutely fine if you don’t want to accept my nomination. I’m just new to all this award thing. I just want you to know that your blog is really cool and inspiring. And I genuinely love reading them!! Keep going 💓💓💜💜

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