shelter of patterns
offer hindsight or foresight
clear blatant vision

Aren’t patterns astonishing? We take shelter in them while also wanting to break them. Quite ironical, is it not?

The varied hues of clouds at dusk, stars at night, the rustle of a coconut palm, the ripples on a silent pool, the aggregation of ice crystals that present us the snow fractals, animal and human behaviour are all nothing but patterns. On a bigger scale, the Milky Way Galaxy which we’re a part of has spiral patterns depicting a Fibonacci sequence in space. Isn’t that stunning? These regularities that reveal themselves in our observations often offer a sense of satisfaction to confused minds, and act like a shelter to hazed thoughts.

Not only in nature are these configurations present. We plan our days, maintain a consistent routine to manage the time and weave a pattern around us consciously or otherwise. We accidentally meet a good old friend, and at once our brain frames a pattern of longing to meet them all. Rhyme schemes are also patterns used by poets to please their readers. Even chaos we face in our lives is an unrecognized pattern which barely gets recognized. That’s what has transformed into the cliché of ‘history repeats itself’.

But, as much as patterns fascinate me, I feel that they’re also a trap. 

Music or video streaming apps exclusively design a playlist for us after analyzing the thinking patterns of our synapses. Thanks to artificial intelligence that restricts our privacy or tunes us to dance for its beat! These systematic exploitations of patterns which were only necessary for victory in sports earlier, have now become a competing business.

However, to grab attention or to get a breakthrough, it is imperative to break a pattern. Ice breakers and innovations, though of largely different impacts, are technically pattern breakers.

These pattern traps are unavoidable that at times we feel the need to get freed from them and at other times, we want to get into one. It is said that every unique thing in nature is related to the whole, and patterns are evidences.

Do you fancy patterns? Share your thoughts.

Why this post?

The palindrome we recognize as the date today 22/02/2022 (British date format dd/mm/yyyy) is also an ambigram (reads the same upside down), a pattern we come across rarely in a lifetime.

Why not use it as a memorable start to make or break a pattern? Let’s find meaning in our own alignments, and enjoy the day.



6 thoughts on “Patterns

  1. Truly a profound thought on patterns. Love the way how you relate them with nature, universe & socialistic norms. We are devoting our lives to the contemplation of patterns, musical or visual.
    People who devote their lives to studying People Magazine, Books, News & Philosophy might also be said to be contemplating and sometimes creating patterns. Just a vivid thought.
    It’s good see you back, Anisha.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I agree. Our contemplations often follow a pattern and when we change them unconsciously, it bursts into a commotion. But, that’s when we need to be supposedly composed. I wish we become more aware of our complexities.

      Thanks for the warm welcome, Tanishq! It feels good to write.


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