shelter of patterns
offer hindsight or foresight
clear blatant vision

Aren’t patterns astonishing? We take shelter in them while also wanting to break them. Quite ironical, is it not?

The varied hues of clouds at dusk, stars at night, the rustle of a coconut palm, the ripples on a silent pool, the aggregation of ice crystals that present us the snow fractals, animal and human behaviour are all nothing but patterns. On a bigger scale, the Milky Way Galaxy which we’re a part of has spiral patterns depicting a Fibonacci sequence in space. Isn’t that stunning? These regularities that reveal themselves in our observations often offer a sense of satisfaction to confused minds, and act like a shelter to hazed thoughts.

Not only in nature are these configurations present. We plan our days, maintain a consistent routine to manage the time and weave a pattern around us consciously or otherwise. We accidentally meet a good old friend, and at once our brain frames a pattern of longing to meet them all. Rhyme schemes are also patterns used by poets to please their readers. Even chaos we face in our lives is an unrecognized pattern which barely gets recognized. That’s what has transformed into the cliché of ‘history repeats itself’.

But, as much as patterns fascinate me, I feel that they’re also a trap. 

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His mom was worried about her son’s solitude and dull attitude after he got transferred to the new city. As a lead to comfort him, she enquired upon his early arrival, “Why didn’t you attend your office party?”

“I’m not a misanthrope, Mom. I just don’t get along with the people here,” he replied in an irritating tone and immediately apologized Continue reading

Spunky who’s not spunky

A monkey ‘Spunky’ lost some key to a bunny ‘Bunkey’. Spunky, who’s a flunkey to a hunky junkie, clung to the monkeypod fearing the slinky walk of that clunky lad, abandoning the key in his name ‘spunky’.

Picture for the prompt


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Disparity in Downpour

Zara’s parents were forced to forfeit their house to a mortgagee within months of her birth, after facing huge loss in agriculture. This unprecedented confiscation earned her ‘the unlucky’ tag.

Even a slight drizzle was rare in that town. What could the new-born do to stop an unforeseen deluge?

As a child, all she prayed for was only rain, mild rain, to help her farming family. Little Zara was showered with the gift she prayed for, and a baby brother. Family flourished and so did Zara’s happiness. But, the label still remained. Now, it’s her brother who is ‘the lucky charm’.

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This is a response post to the ‘Thursday Poetry Competition‘ by ‘Penable’. The topic assigned is ‘Isolation‘, and what strikes me is about finding calm in the chaos.


The dusk is here,
bidding goodbye to my usual stare.

There’s just a window,
dividing me and the outside world.

Yet, it feels like a prison,
having me as the caged bird.

I find a way, to fly,
breaking all my invisible chains.

I’m lost in deep thoughts,
budging my pen on paper.

I begin to hear deeper sounds now,
coming from an eternal world. Continue reading

Smart – Six Word Story #1

This is my first attempt of a tiny tale, in response to ‘The Saturday Six Word Story Prompt‘ by Shweta of ‘My Random Ramblings

The prompt for this week is ‘Smart’, and here is my take on it. It depicts someone immersed in an imaginary world created by books, from the views of another who hasn’t experienced the pleasures of reading.

——– SMART ——–

Reads lot,
Speaks little,
Labeled Loggerhead!

LIFE – Irony

​Pops out to be published after long wait in drafts.

Saturday night.. movie. Sounds monotonous, right?

But when a single word in the movie sweeps you away, you end up thinking quite a lot actually. Made me pause the movie and end up here in the blog (To be exact, in the email drafts).

Life is not a movie. 

There’s no THE END here.

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Favorite Reads – Overcome Loneliness

A day off my college.. Turning the pages of my diary, I just found this worthy enough to share with people who need to stand up in life, though I couldn’t exactly remember the source of this note or why I just noted this down.
Expand Your Circles.. OVERCOME loneliness
  • The time you feel lonely is the time you most need to be by yourself – Life’s cruelest irony!
  • All great and precious things are lonely.
  • Loneliness is about the scariest thing out there —Joss Whedon.

Keep in mind that to avoid loneliness, many people need both a social circle and an intimate attachment. Having just one of the two Continue reading