Animals in Human Voices #7

You name members of our kind ‘Flash’ and do not hesitate to make fun of our natural speeds.

In this regard, I question you, why don’t you mind your own business at your natural speeds?

Even if you are accelerating, why can’t you be in control? Have you lost your nerve?

I can hear you. I am not as frustrated as this always. But, you humans make me yell. Do you want to know the reason?

We are already endangered, and our mortality rates are alarming. We are often killed in road accidents and now, it has been identified that we are the most affected among apex predators in native habitats due to road constructions. Unbelievable, right? Yeah, herbivores can be predators too.

I repeat. We aren’t lazy. Our slowness is our survival skill. If you choose to mend your ways of rash driving and use your survival skills only for survival, I can have a peaceful conversation with you some other day discussing more about our kind’s general behavior.

A slow sloth

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