Dark Side

digressed days
dumped desires
relinquished souls

lost letters
unspoken words
unexpressed emotions

There's a flood in mind
that is now a hostage of
all those hidden haunting vaults.
Shadows smile too
with eyes so fiery 
and a heart so cold.

Is this dark side
an evil venture or
a source of liberation?

How do you view your dark side? Does it open doors to freedom, or is an opening to evil ventures?

6 thoughts on “Dark Side

  1. Interesting thoughts, Anisha!
    Could I, please, ask you, Anisha, to read my tomorrow’s post
    ( 24 December), as it is about an extraordinary Indian man whose life story was made into a film. It will stay with you for a long time as it is a wholly
    uplifting story that one should not miss!
    Thank you!

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