My first YouTube video

This happened four days ago. I was busy with my exams, pulling off all-nighters and walking like a dead zombie when I was informed that I have been selected by my college as one of the candidates for Google’s student facilitators. They told me that I will be shortly contacted by mail, and they did. They asked me to post a video of me explaining any topic in simple terms within a day. So I had to attend my exams , take a video ,edit it  and post it on YouTube within a day and the worst part was, I haven’t even decided on a topic yet.

I should say that this would not have been possible without the superman of my life, my dad. When I called him, he took a day off from his work and came to my college. My home is a couple of hours away from college and as you have guessed it ,I am a hosteller .After going home, we had a very short time frame to capture the video and edit it. The situation was hilarious.

When we finally began shooting it ,the time was 10.30pm.The lighting was too bright, I was squinting my eyes and frowning. I was too nervous, had absolutely no idea what I was talking about and to add to that was the incessant teasing by my sister!

In the end ,I started editing the video at  around 12.30 for a 2.30 deadline .Let’s just say you can see that I have no previous experience in editing .But still ,this was a great experience. Maybe I can do it again sometime, with better preparation of course..

Here is my amateur attempt ..




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