Explore the ‘SOUND of SILENCE’

An awfully silent weekend! For many of us, silence after a long tiresome week may seem better. But it’s the reverse for me, may be because I happened to be the one & only child of my family. I consider time worthy at most times, only when a lot of people involve, or at least those eye-candies of mine. It all depends on who we are, and where we’ve been. Its some sort of mirror that shows our inner self.

My friends often describe me a funny chatterbox, which few others may find contradictory too! Most cherished Friday after very long gap! Lunch break – only Freak Out hour for day scholars. As you can guess, I was the prey that day. My friends, initiated by my bestie Rashmi drew an awesome pic of mine, which you can see below.


A memorable, funny girlish portrait, followed by a pleasant evening too. A triad of comedians again at the canteen – one more friend of ours joined, Bhujji – just a byname. We were the only noisy stuff at the campus, as almost all hostellers vacated for the weekend. But life won’t be spicy when it goes on the normal track, right?

There it came.. a twist – perfect silence. Quite a heavy breakdown for me. I just moved on with other stuff. A day at kitchen preparing meal for my mom, dad & me; Time aside for incomplete craft work, little time on mini shopping; long cycle ride at the evening; and finally, photographs of the night sky! They appeared good even when few went blurred as you can see.

Silence speaks more than Words actually do !

Finally, a simple thought of the week – feelings and thoughts are always rotating around in the mind. But people responsible for those, can’t always be with us. Priority changes for all. So when you are left alone in silence, it’s wiser to spend the days enjoying the little pleasures of life, but still waiting for those ‘noisy momentous’ moments of life to happen again! Ensure your silence doesn’t hurt the people around you but brings in calmness to your mind, also restoring all the good old memories.

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