Winds of Love

Once, the soft whisper
broke my wings
blew me away
extinguished my flame
left behind pearly teardrops.

Now, it hits even harder but
takes me high
fuels my desires
enkindles the flares
leaving behind fierce feelings.

Once, suffocating squalls
tarnished my pellucid sky
in the dark depths of deserted night
hurting the bleeding orb with
a tourniquet of cotton balls.

But now, they roll out
exquisite cloud patches
towards the setting sun
conflagrating my sky
with a motley of blues and reds.

black blankets blew up
swaying to the winds of love
harvest moon escorts
systematic drift of fate
frozen in timeless melody

The first four verses of the poetic form gogyohka, and the last verse, a tanka, portray the differing effects that the winds of love might inflict upon one’s fate.

Credits & Footnote

In response to Colleen’s ‘Tanka Tuesday #245’. 

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