Not a Death!


——– Maternal Mortality ——–

With her death, began his life!

——– Tribute ——–

Died for her after her life!

——– Relationships ——–

Lived for her after her death!

——– Memories ——–

An elderly woman sadly looking out the window. Melancholy and depressed.

The dead soul kills the living!

——– Morality ——–

The living’s deed kills the dead!

——– Disappointment ——–

He was dead even before death.

——– Determination ——–

Wanted to die but never did!

——– Universe ——–

Big Bang birth;
Towards frozen death!

——– Melting polar ice ——–

Trickling tears… Outset of a ruin!

——– Convectional Rainfall ——–

Quivering drops drip.
Leaky cauldrons vanish!

——– Bees 🐝 ——–

They’re perishing with those notes unsung!

——– Dandelion ——–

I die to see you smile!


Credits & Footnote

In response to Shweta’s ‘6WSP #97’ – ‘Death’.

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