Childhood Memories

Reluctance to participate
in a fancy dress competition,
not wanting to remove
that favourite dress of yours!

Sing a mad song with wrong lyrics
in the company of neighbours,
which you now wouldn’t
even dare to mutter a line!

Wake up from deep sleep
just to give that foolish smile,
on hearing that favourite music
playing between ads on TV! 

Forbid everyone in the family
to touch your treasured toy,
and cry for it incessantly
when it goes missing during sleep!

Tardy to get ready for school
and chase your school bus,
with that sense of achievement
on reaching the stop before the bus!

Be that charming kid
who easily gets privileges,
of skipping queues in canteen
from senior secondary friends!

Plan the next birthday
right from this birthday,
dreaming of chocolates and gifts
and ensure it’s not a Sunday!

Even your slightest scratches from
playing ‘Fire in the Mountain’,
were proud scars to show off in
the life which knew no embarrassments!


The only phase of your life
where you relive your memories,
recollecting them from
others’ loving memories!


This free verse is written in response to the ‘Thursday Poetry Competition‘ by ‘Penable’. The topic assigned is ‘Childhood and Memories’.

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