No Heartbreaks?!

I have been of a belief earlier that when we overload ourselves, often over an emotional outburst like regrets specifically, we break our hearts. Even highly ductile and malleable metals have a breaking point, right? Likewise, I thought it’s okay to take rest and restore whenever there’s an emotional shutdown. At least, that’s how I was.

I sooner or later also realized that regrets keep chasing and we can’t keep shutting down repeatedly for the same issue. ‘Whenever’ was a mistake. A mistake when done once holds some value. But, when it keeps on popping as if there’s no end, it is literally draining. One can’t always choose to rest for the same emotional matter of concern.

Long after this realization dawned, I was told that there can’t be any heartbreaks over regrets, during a conversation with a friend. This assertion made me think. How can a person lose what is loved but not have heartbreak? I explored more on this “no heartbreak” philosophy and that’s when I came across a transcript which I totally enjoyed reading.

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One-liner Wednesday #17

Sustain the Savour

Why don’t we often dare to go against the popular adage, “Let go of what you love; it’ll return if it’s true” and not let go of what we love or what’s worthy when there’s actually a true chance to try and sustain the savour?

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In response to Linda’s One-liner Wednesday.

Delete – Six Word Story #27

The six-word story below pictures the life of someone who knows there’s no plan B for passion, but still, deletes her digital study materials. Only she knows if she did it with the gratification of achieving or the regret of missing her dream. 

Deleted study notes…

Gratification or Regret?

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Inspired by Shweta’s ‘6WSP #69’ – ‘Delete’.

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