I shut my eyes to pause the world, and when I open them back…


What all do you see in fresh flowers? #freeverse

LINK – Solution to Puzzle – SoCS

Thank you all for your patience! In addition to the solution to the puzzle, you can get to know a few facts on the articles related to space and significant space events that are to occur this year.

Bright Night

When you’re bored at night, throw some light. The same is what great minds say…


You can find a tale to the prompt and interesting facts on the word ‘Syzygy’.

The post is in response to Sammi’s Weekend Writing Prompt ‘Syzygy’.

Toneless Living

His existence was passive. But, he was active in capturing the lies…

This is in response to ‘What Do You See’ writing prompt by Sadje.

Animals in Human Voices #5

Will it only be humans, who enjoy coffee during rain?

This is entirely my territory and now, it’s my turn to…

Birds in Human Voices #4

I’m grateful that you’ve put my egg safely back into the nest, when I was busy searching for food. I gotta be more careful of my neighboring foes. I owe you a present. I leave one of my feathers. Please keep it as a token of love. P.S.: This is the egg  of a blue flinch….

Birds in Human Voices #3

Find me if you can. I’m getting skilled in camouflaging To escape caging. – Hidden parrot

Birds in Human Voices #2

Thank you for the swing. It’s my favourite plaything. It’s fun to peck and throw out the plant there, you know?