Circle of Life

How easier life would’ve been had Nala not entered the forest! Maybe that’s the perfectly right time or the perfectly wrong one.

This is written inspired by Linda’s SoCS prompt.


A tanka that depicts the twilight scene when crepuscular rays take control of…

This is in response to ‘Eugi’s Weekly Prompt’ – Twilight.

Unwritten Journal

It just makes me wonder if it is implicitly tagged with memories. These tags just casually spurt out a stir of reminiscent echoes…

To Hearing World

To my beloved organs, additional duties are assigned… #freeverse

Today, 23rd September 2020, is observed as the International Day of Sign Languages.

Mute Man – TLT #8

Even after listening to the tranquil sound of his music, people call him dumb…

The post is in response to Sonya’s ‘Three Line Tales’.

Song Lyrics – #SoCS

The song was quite special during the days of its release, because of the contemporary historical and economic reasons…

This is in response to the SoCS prompt by Linda.