Utmost Feelings – Anthology

I’m ecstatically happy to share with you the news that an anthology that I’m a part of, “Utmost Feelings” with the theme ‘Love’, has been released.


Humans are balloons too. Filled with emotions… #freeverse

A six-word story is quoted at the end.

His First Time

Sensing her oblique intention, what did he do?

The post is in response to the ‘Twenty-Words Tuesday Prompt’ – oblique – by Bulbul.

Rising Sun is a Lie

We all get to know the truth as we grow up but still choose to believe the lie…

Eye & Light – Micro Poems

These are micro-poems written for the prompt words – eye and light – on a few divergent themes.

This post is written in response to the ‘Weekly Haiku Poetry Prompt’ by Ronovan.

Toneless Living

His existence was passive. But, he was active in capturing the lies…

This is in response to ‘What Do You See’ writing prompt by Sadje.