Hills to Oceans

— Headwaters

snow filled mountain caps
memories melt on warm days
nearby lake collects

— River Channel

pathway forms on green globe
memories taken away
voyage from heaven

— Waterfall

treading over rocks
water splatters with loud roars
embracing valley Continue reading

The Flight Fiasco

It’s been way too long since our last blog post. I’ve been a little busy with college. A lot has happened last month. Remember the horrible video I posted? I actually got selected. So, I traveled to Bangalore to the Google office there. I was really nervous about going alone by flight. So, I arrived at the airport, went through the security checks and was waiting patiently at the gate pretending like it was my thousandth flight. I happened to meet another single passenger. She was in her mid sixties, used a wheelchair and is very very talkative. By the time my flight left I knew about her entire family and had taught her what WhatsApp is.

As our flight was getting ready for departure, one of the tyres got ruptured and Continue reading